Monday, January 5, 2009

Finished My Blocks for Swapping

Quiltville Swap on Yahoo is currently hosting a few swaps. The one I signed up for is Boxy Stars, a Bonnie Hunter's pattern from Quiltville. I had lots of fun pulling 2 1/2 inch strips from my stash for this swap. They went together rather quickly especially if you chain piece in assembly line fashion. Since I signed up for 10 sets I needed to get cracking on getting them done and out in the mail to our Hostess by January 14th. What a fun block this is. My husband wandered in to check out what I was doing in the sewing room. He stared at my blocks for awhile then looked at
the directions. He asked again what it was suppose to be. I flipped a few of my blocks around so he could see the star but he just couldn't visualize the box part. Some quilt blocks just become more graphic once they are put together. Maybe this one is like that for him. I can't wait to see what mine will look like once we get our swaps back.

I couldn't help myself.........this Bow Tucks bag is addictive. They go together quite easily and have great pockets inside for all your goodies. I tested my bag out on Sunday going to church and love it. I wasn't feeling around on the bottom for a pen in church this time because there is a pocket inside this bag for it. How cool it that. It's the little things in life that make you smile...... :0) I'm thinking of making another in denim. Time and fabric will tell.

Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville is currently hosting a NYE Mystery Quilt, Double Delight. It's all in my favorite fabrics and colors. Pinks, browns and shirtings...Oh my. I just can't stop thinking about it. Quite a few on Quiltville's Yahoo Group are working along on this quilt. Some are posting each step with pictures on their Blogs. All are turning out so awesome that I may have to break my promise to be good. I promised myself this year not to start anymore new projects until some of my UFO's get done. Well we are into the 5th day of the year...... does that qualify as a real New Years resolution. I'll just have to look over those "Double Delight" cutting instructions again. The call from this quilt is just to strong to ignore.
Till next time

From your stash let a beautiful quilt be born!


  1. I like your bag~ and that is a neat string quilt behind it! Happy Stitchin'!

  2. debbie, like your boxy stars; i'm in the chunky churndash, another great pattern. bonnie is a super scrappy quilter for sure and has tons of great patterns....boxy stars is a someday quilt for me i'm sure...