Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Family Members

Early this year old age took two of our 3 kitties to heaven and there has been a big void around the house without them. I have been a little reluctant to open my heart right away but it has been on my mind to adopt another kitty. We had to go into the mall to shop for an outfit for my Mother in law's birthday party and much to my surprise the Ten Lives Club was in a store front where we came in. I glanced into the store front windows where they had many kitties to view. A couple of kitties stood out to me but Hubby and I stayed focused and continued on to our shopping destination. We completed our purchases and started to head out. Again I stopped to look and the little kitty I saw was still there so before my Hubby could say a word I was inside inquiring. This kitty was 6 months old and named "white rabbit who just came in from Kentucky. After talking some more to the volunteer I went into a room to get acquainted with this kitty. It was a done deal at that moment for me. Hubby still wasn't totally hooked or sure. He was a little lover boy purring away and cuddle only with me at that moment. I don't know how animals know but they do pick their people and homes too.
We have renamed him Thomas. He's the picture with the red bell and collar. Well once that was decided the volunteer helping us said they had a 2 "fur" 1 deal. We laughed and I responded that it wasn't out of the question to adopt 2 kitties and I did see another one in the window that caught my eye too. So then enter "GiGi" that was a 4 year old female from Ohio. She was so gentle and easy going with Thomas. It didn't take long to figure she would be going home with us too. We renamed her Bella.

Bella and Thomas are here now with us settling into their new home. It was a good match for us all. Thomas has cared less about the dog and it wasn't a problem with Bailey either. Bella is a little more reserved about Bailey. She has reminded him to keep a certain distance but it hasn't stopped her from moving around the house at all and it gave Bailey a new respect for her too. Lizzie our oldest kitty is still not coming around to having the new family members but that will take her a little more time.

I have much more to tell about this past week but it will have to wait till I have more time to post and replace my camera that died just before MIL birthday party. Timing is everything..... ;)

Till next time ..............................
From your stash let a beautiful quilt be born!


  1. Yes I do think animals find you, what a lovely story.


  2. DO enjoy the addition to your family! Wish I had even one!

    Nice to see you are a 'follower' of my blog. I decided not to investigate whatever a 'follower' is, because I might mess something up on Bloglines! LOL

    Is it spring yet? I'm tired of cold already.

    Happy quilting, or cat enjoying or ???