Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Passing Along A Tip For Fabric Storage

I have a little tip I'd like to pass along for folding fabric for shelf storage. This is what I have been doing with my stash as I am cleaning, cutting, and reorganizing the larger pieces getting ready for my cooler weather sew-a-thons. I'm using my 6 X 24 ruler and lining up my fabric at the end and just start winding it tightly onto the ruler like a bolt of fabric.
If you have any leftover fabric that doesn't make another complete wrap just fold it under so doesn't stick out over the edge.
The ruler easily slips out from the center of the fabric bolt and can be then be folded in half once more and it should fit on any shelf, in a draw, or even in bins or bags. If I have major yardage I would just skip that last folding step.

What I have found out purely as an after thought on my part .... a DUH moment.... was because the ruler I was using is 6 inch wide it helped me to know approximately how much fabric was there without unfolding it all and measuring it. I hated the process of looking for backing yardages and coming up short after unfolding the whole piece. This method showed me if I had the yardage I needed without unfolding. All I needed to do was count the wraps. I further figured I could reverse the process for cutting yardage off the wrapped piece of fabric.

Besides all the measuring benefits it looks nice on the shelf too. See the difference.............

I know....I know.... it's slightly type A controled stashing and believe me I wasn't always this neat-nic. It evolved after my hysterectomy kicked in now know as the "mental-pause" of my life by family members. I just have to smile ;D

Till next time...............
From Your Stash Let a Beautiful Quilt Be Born!


  1. When I moved a switched to storing my fabrics on open shelves instead of bins. I happened to use my 8.5" ruler but I too love the results. I thought I had tons of fabric but found fewer 1/2 yard pieces and bigger then I thought. It does make it very easy to find fabric. I think I've made it through all the bins I have but I could have some bigger pieces still lurking.

    Now I need to cut up some of the smaller pieces and oddball pieces and consolidate the bins.

    Empty plastic bins are being used for current projects. Ooh.. a system, I love it! Your stash looks wonderful. And, there is nothing wrong with being a bit of a type a on fabric. (hum, are they in alpahbetical order yet??? LOL)

  2. Nice, neat stash!

    Oh, by the by, You've been BOO'ed!


  3. What a great idea, will have to do the same.

    Thanks for sharing