Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Passing Along A Tip For Fabric Storage

I have a little tip I'd like to pass along for folding fabric for shelf storage. This is what I have been doing with my stash as I am cleaning, cutting, and reorganizing the larger pieces getting ready for my cooler weather sew-a-thons. I'm using my 6 X 24 ruler and lining up my fabric at the end and just start winding it tightly onto the ruler like a bolt of fabric.
If you have any leftover fabric that doesn't make another complete wrap just fold it under so doesn't stick out over the edge.
The ruler easily slips out from the center of the fabric bolt and can be then be folded in half once more and it should fit on any shelf, in a draw, or even in bins or bags. If I have major yardage I would just skip that last folding step.

What I have found out purely as an after thought on my part .... a DUH moment.... was because the ruler I was using is 6 inch wide it helped me to know approximately how much fabric was there without unfolding it all and measuring it. I hated the process of looking for backing yardages and coming up short after unfolding the whole piece. This method showed me if I had the yardage I needed without unfolding. All I needed to do was count the wraps. I further figured I could reverse the process for cutting yardage off the wrapped piece of fabric.

Besides all the measuring benefits it looks nice on the shelf too. See the difference.............

I know....I know.... it's slightly type A controled stashing and believe me I wasn't always this neat-nic. It evolved after my hysterectomy kicked in now know as the "mental-pause" of my life by family members. I just have to smile ;D

Till next time...............
From Your Stash Let a Beautiful Quilt Be Born!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Late Good-Bye to Summer

This weekend the weather was gorgeous and I was able to get out of the house and into my garden to cut back my flower beds. It's so sad because it means to end of warm weather and the beginning of cold, frost and eventually snow. Then I'm a snow bunny inside where it's warm. I have one bloom on my clematis vine that the frost hasn't hit yet so I'll enjoy it till it's gone..... The upside to this weather change is it also means more quilting time. Yeah..... I'm more productive with my quilting this time of year.

Our quilt bee, The DoBee's got together at my house Monday night to put together our Bee's auction basket donation for the upcoming Roswell Auction. We had so many "quilty" things for the basket that we were able to make 2 baskets. Go DoBees .... ;D) Our Bee also needed to decide on our program for Guild in November and we were able to get a dear friend who does a wonderful program on using antique blocks and quilts in new ways. We have Hostess due for January and went with a "Let it snow" theme and the colors blue and white. Foods or cookies made with coconut and powder sugar were just a few things that would fall into that category. Our drink might be hot chocolate with mini marshmallows finished with peppermint stick for a stirrer. It was a fun time to hang out and renew our Bees direction for the upcoming year. I did cut some foundations squares ahead for string blocks if we had time to sew but we didn't get to it that night. Now the bags of strings and foundation squares are staring at me every time I'm in my sewing room.

The saying "Waste not want not"had come to my mind recently.... it's a saying I heard a long time ago .... I translated it into my quilting life that it means my full strips for quilt projects. The leftovers are then cut and divided into squares, strings, or crumb blocks stash. After string blocks get sewed the little leftovers also join the crumb block bag. I even save the cut offs from borders after joining them with a bias seam. Those triangle shapes are great to use on the corner ends of string blocks. So bottom line is I will never get to the bottom of my stash with my system. Got to love the method to my stashing.

Tuesday I tried a new crockpot dish, Beef Burgundy. It was on America's Test Kitchen on PBS about 2 weeks ago. Click on the link and go under episodes to Favorite Slow Cooker Classics. It was so good .....yummm it's a good cold weather comfort dish that I will make again.....it's a keeper in our house.

Well I'm off to my sewing room.
From your stash let a beautiful quilt be born!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Yippee Skippeee

I'm finishing the binding on this quilt Linda, Pam and I made for the Celebration of Hope 2008 Auction event that's happening October 17 and 18 in Eden, New York. The Eden Quilt Guild sponsors this event every 3 years for Breast Cancer Research at Roswell Park in Buffalo, New York. Our little Guild of about 55 members has been raising funds this way since 2002 with the help of many other caring quilters making and donating quilts for this auction. You can view more quilts by clicking on the link in this sentence. We named it "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" and really hope it brings in a great bid.

It's been confirmed our family is expanding..... ;0) My son and daughter in law are expecting their first child. It will be due near my birthday beginning of May. I'm so excited......!!!! for them of coarse but it would be so cool if the baby is born on my birthday. They already have the baby's room painted so I went shopping before the official announcement (I was very sure they were expecting....sometimes a Mother just knows) and found this cute fabric for a baby quilt. I saw this adorable quilt that was posted on MaryQuilts blog made by a Deborah..... my name too.... so its calling out to me to make it as it seems like it's just to coincidental and meant to be. How cool is that. The print of the fabric would be perfect I think in that quilt design.

I had to go out shopping for a new dishwasher.... that's done and it's in so I'm good to go again. I also have been cleaning and cutting up lose end fabrics into squares and strips. My theory is to use up my stash mostly for charity but some how it keeps growing and my draws of pre-cut never want to go down.... they just multiply and the cycle continues so I have to look at it as a blessing like a glass half full all the time. I make many charity quilts each year mostly by myself but I have been thinking of becoming more active with the Heartstrings Quilt Project to encourage me to sew more. It's just figuring out the balance of chatting, sewing, and family time. I'm just a lurker reading all their postings and enjoying the pictures of the wonderful quilts that are made and donated. My donated my quilts mostly go to Cornerstone Manor, a shelter for women and children. I feel so blessed for what I have and feel strongly about giving back and my quilts are my way of sharing that blessing. So I'm always on the hunt for patterns, sales especially for backings to continue this personal project. Heartstrings and the Cozy Quilt Ministry for cancer also embrace this gift of giving to others. Two Thumbs up for or should I say two needles up......!!!
Ok I've been online long enough. Need to get back to the task at hand today. Till another time.
From your stash let a beautiful quilt be born!