Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stashbusting to a Another Level

The past year has been one of cleaning and reorganizing my quilting stash and room. I recently had to move to another room which is smaller than my original sewing room. It's been a reflective time of how much stash I really have. I have drawers and drawers full of pre-cut strips in an array of sizes ..... I have sewn many quilts but the drawers never seem to empty. Well as I was going through some papers in my sewing room something caught my eye....... :0)a paper from a crochet rag rug seminar class from many years ago. I never made one but the gal who taught the seminar made many to use up stash so I thought what an answer to my pre-cut strip overload. Deciding to use up my 1 1/4 inch strips for the project as I don't really use that size much anymore I start to prepare the strips for crocheting. I have gone through a couple mounds of my strips to crochet on the rug so far.

Well as you can see I started. It does use up LOTS of fabric strips but the drawers still haven't gone down much. I've also been reading many post from stashbusters chat group regarding stashes that have gone wrong............ what a hoot.

This has taken me to another level of trying to bust some of my stash.......................

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